Jong-Eun Lee
Jong-Eun Lee

1981-1985  서울대학교 수의과대학 수의학과  수의학학사
1985-1994     George Washington University 유전학 Ph.D.
1987-1990     National Cancer Institute U.S.A. Special Volunteer
1990-1993     Program Resources Inc. NCI-FCRDC  Pre-Doctoral Fellow
1994-1995     Program Resources Inc. NCI-FCRDC  Post-Doctoral Fellow
1996-1997    서울대학교 암연구소  선임연구원
1997-2000    서울대학교 의학연구원 유전자이식연구소  선임연구원
1996-2000    (주)마크로젠  연구소장
1998-1999    (주)마크로젠  대표이사
2000~          (주)디엔에이링크  대표이사

♦ 주요 연구실적

  • 가족성고콜레스테롤혈증 예측 유전체검출방법 특허등록(‘04.08)
  •  Korean HapMap Project 수행(‘03-’07)
  • 질환군별 유전체 기반 DNA칩 개발 센터과제수행(‘05-’10)
  • 한국인 유전체 분석 실용화사업 수행(‘07-’09)
  • 국방부 6.25 전사자 유가족 혈액 유전체검사용역과제수행(‘09-’10)
  • 약물유전체 연구센터 과제수행(‘03-현재)


1981-1985     Seoul National University Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (B/S)
1985-1994     George Washington University  in Genetics  Ph.D.
1987-1990     National Cancer Institute U.S.A. Special Volunteer
1990-1993     Program Resources Inc. NCI-FCRDC  /  Pre-Doctoral Fellow
1994-1995     Program Resources Inc. NCI-FCRDC /  Post-Doctoral Fellow
1996-1997    Cancer Research Center  Seoul National University, College of Medicine / Senior Scientist
1997-2000    Ilchun Institute for Molecular Medicine  Seoul National University / Principal Investigator
1996-2000    Life Science Research Institute   Macrogen Inc., / Director
2000~          DNA Link, Inc. / Present Director and CSO

♦ Research Experience:

1987 – 1995

Studies on the structure and transcriptional regulation of human A-raf oncogene. Genomic cloning, DNA sequencing, eukaryotic and prokaryotic expression vectors, footprinting and gel retardation analyses, Southwestern blot analysis, mutational analysis of A-raf gene promoter region, CAT assays, southern blot analysis, northern blot analysis, western blot analysis, immune-complex kinase assays, RNAse protection, S1 and primer extention assays, tissue culture, transfection assays, insect cell culture, baculovirus, protein purification with FPLC system and polymerase chain reaction.
Identification of the substrate for the 3PK gene. Generation of tetracycline controlled expression constructs. Yeast two-hybrid system.


1996 – 1998

Identification of the heat shock protein 70(hsp70) interacting protein by the yeast two-hybrid assay.
Generation of tetracycline controlled transgenic mice system. Knockout mice experiment using hsp70 knockout mice.
Expression profiling of stress inducible genes in human endothelial cell.


1998 – 2000. 6.

Development of cDNA microarray chips.
Expression profiling using cDNA microarray chips.
Database construction using NCBI and SWISS-PROT flatfiles


2000. 6.

Present SNP screening and association studies.
Development of high-throughput SNP screening system.


♦ Societies:
Mountain climbing club at the Seoul National University.


♦ Research Interests:

  • Molecular genetics of human cancer.
  • The mechanisms and control of gene expression in cellular proliferation and development.
  • Expression pattern changes in various conditions.
  • Identification of disease related genes through the use of knockout mice.
  • Development of cDNA microarray chips for expression profiling.
  • Construction of databases by combining useful fields from various public database sources